Ayer's Longcoat German Shepherds

Due to recent regulatory changes made to the Animal Welfare Act by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA/APHIS) that will take effect on November 17, 2013, I will not offer the option to ship puppies. All pups must be picked up by purchaser. I may be able to drive a bit towards you to meet you to help with distance driving for an added gas charge.  For those that are unable to physically meet in order to pick up a pup, I sincerely apologize but I am unable to provide  shipping at this time.
**For Sale: ASAP. Due to family member health issue, looking for loving home for Young Adult Male (29"+) & Female. 2 years oldSerious PHONE inquiries only please. Limited exposure to children. PICS  up this weekend. No Shipping. I am located in WV. Girls should go w/boy doggies or no dogs & boys with girls or no dogs. 5/126/18.
***CLICK BELOW on the 2 TAN colored LINKs to go to my Original Site, with many pictures, references, etc.
Mr.Samson, black/red
Miss Blackie is now at  Pioneer Longcoat German Shepherds.
**Due to thousands of inquiries a year for only 1- 2 litters of puppies a year, I can now only respond, by PHONE, to people inquiring about ...Available Puppies (when I have them), Currently Available Adults, Breeding Program and of course Past and Current Puppy Owners. For people just inquiring in general... when I have a Breeding I will announce it here and take calls at that time. I have always tried to return every single call I recieved and didnt want to seem like just ignoring calls w/o posting here. Thank you for understanding.
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 Miss Angel.
Queenie pregnant in pic.
Gentle, large Red Thunder3.  In Tennessee now w/ past puppy owner. Will hopefully sire a litter this year with a female who has some of my bloodlines. Red sable.
All  "INFO" is on older site for now. 
Links to left not work yet.
Red Thunder 3 as a pup at 4 months.
8 mo.
OCEAN 14 mo.mo.
2 years.
Amos at 10 months.
Mr. Hero
Miss Fluffy
Zora 1
PARENTS of PUPPIES  Gentle Zora 2 & Gentle Giant Cruise.  29 1/2"  tall. (Cruise is from Queenie/HERO)
Zora 2 as Pup.
Dont know why color of Zora and Cruise and the PUPPIES are a bit hazy n faded. He is rich golden tan and she a bit more cinnamon & PUPS are TAN. Think coz I used my older cell for the pics.
2 thumbnails
Zora's mom is LillyBug, grandma of the pups. Zora's Dad is Thunder 3 & Thunder2  is her grandpa.
sun too bright n older cell washed out some of my pics. 
Mr. Kizer
Well now only had help to get the new pics at 6 pm and was almost dark! Now no color! (in older pics) The pups are black and tan.  Left up their pics from 2 weeks ago to see how they have changed. Had to change collar colors as they out grew others. 
NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS. 1-800-474-7044. My code 55767.
Important Info for All New Puppy Owners to Please Read:
While working on this site more info is on older sites liked at the top of this page.
(Notice Rubys face? )   :-) 
Oversized & Straight Backs
NEW PIC 11 wks old. Sold
NEW PIC 11 wks old. SOLD
Breeding soon. First litter. Cruises sister. 3.6 years old. Will put up a new current pic soon (and of sire) and then Start taking Deposits. This pic is from when young. Gentle girl. For Puppies to Go to new homes around Oct. 
Mr. Beefy at 2.
Updated: May 26, 2018.
Located in southern West Virginia
Ruby is on the pool noodles chillin! in her new home w/ Spirits parents. Precious girl!
She has 'split face' coloration like my pup Sweetie has as well!
Puppies are All Sold now and in their new homes.   Will post here when I breed again.
Zoe n pups
2 of the pups younger