Ayer's Longcoat German Shepherds

Due to regulatory changes made to the Animal Welfare Act by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA/APHIS) that will take effect on November 17, 2013, I will not offer the option to ship puppies. All pups must be picked up by purchaser. I may be able to drive a bit towards you to meet you to help with distance driving. For those that are unable to physically meet in order to pick up a pup, I sincerely apologize but I am unable to provide shipping at this time.
For Sale: Due to family health issues I can keep only a few dogs.    :-((  (I still will be having 1-2 litters a year.) long haired german shepherd Male just turned 6 years old, Buddy, & 1 Long coat Female, Summer 1.8 years old, Serious PHONE inquiries only please. As is usually recommended for all dogs: Girls should go w/boy doggies or no dogs & boys with girls or no dogsPics right below of AVAILABLE & I can email more pictures)  Boys are huge, girls are medium, oversized. All are gentle, walk on loose leash, love to go in car, Housebroken. Limited exposure to grandchildren. 3/1/2020. Also - 2 Puppies see below - courtesy post. ALSO 6 year old girl below, Zora.
*CLICK BELOW on the LINKs to go to my Original Site to see many pictures of what your doggie may look like when grown, references, etc.
My Mr.Samson, black/red
My Miss Blackie is now at Pioneer Longcoat German Shepherds.
 *(BEAUTIFUL! PICS of Customers Pups Growing Up, LINK Below.    http://longcoatgermanshepherds.homestead.com/AyersOldFashionedGermanShepherds.html

**Due to many many inquiries a year for only 1- 2 litters of puppy's a year, I can now only respond, by PHONE, to people inquiring about ...Available Puppies (when I have them), Currently Available Adults, Breeding Program and of course Past and Current Puppy Owners. For people just inquiring in general... When I have a Breeding I will announce it here and take calls at that time. I have always tried to return every single call I recieved and didnt want to seem like just ignoring calls w/o posting here. Thank you for understanding.
 My Miss Angel
My Queenie pregnant in pic.
Gentle, large Red Thunder3. In Tennessee now with past puppy owner. He will hopefully sire a litter this year with a female who has some of my bloodlines. Red sable. Father to Available 1 year old Boy, Goofy, and to some of my own dogs.
While working on Site,  All  "INFO" is on my older sites for now.  Links on Left not work yet.
My Red Thunder 3 as a pup at 4 months.
My OCEAN at 14 months.
Amos at 10 months.
My Little1

My Zora 1
PARENTS of PUPPIES:  My Gentle Zora 2 &  My Gentle Giant Cruise 30" tall. (Cruise is from Queenie/HERO)
** Zora 2 as Pup
**Dont know why some of these pics Above & Below are a bit hazy n faded. Some pics were taken in bright sun, some were not. Some taken with an older phone. My dogs are rich golden tan. (orangey golden). Some are more reddish cinnamon colored.  The original site shows more accurate color.  
   2 great thumbnails
Zora's mom is Lillybug, grandma of the pups. Zora's Dad is Thunder 3 & Thunder2  is her grandpa.
Caprina 8 months
Mr. Kizer
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Important Info for All New Puppy Owners to Please Read:
While working on this site more info is on my older sites liked at the top of this page.
(Notice Rubys face? )   :-) 
Oversized & Straight Back Longhaired             German Shepherds in WV.
My Beefy at (lives near by)
Updated: 3/1/20
Located in southern West Virginia
She has 'split face' coloration like my pup Sweetie has as well! Thunder 3's sister.
These puppies below are All Sold now and in their new homes.   Will post next litter puppy pics here when I have another litter.
My Zoe n pups
Some of the pups at different ages when younger
My Hero. Father or grandfather to some of my own dogs.
*Most ALL of Zoes whole last litter with Bear lived to be 12 1/2 to 13 years old!!
Ruby is on the pool noodles chillin! in her new home in Maine with Spirits parents. Thunder3"s sister. 102 lbs.
Hero is Cruises Dad. Also he is grand dad to some of my own dogs here.
 And Younger
 My Fluffy
* Next BreedingMarch and April/May 2020.
My Moxie
 My Boys & My Girls
Sold. Red sable. Poppy. 1 year. Fluffy/Thunder3. Goofy is her brother.
Available: Blk/tan. Summer.  Zora/Buddy Will email updated pic. 
Goli. 4 years old. I needed to rehome, & near by.
My Buddy Available (blew coat)
Sasha Sold Girl. Dark, black/red sable. 5 years old. Just blew coat
** Zora **
My CRUISE. Wet, been swimming More Cruise pics down below.

My males are HUGE!  29 1/2" tall! 1 is 28".
More Cruise pics below & Zora.
Mr. Cruise
**AVAILABLE. Sweet Gentle Zora Needs a rehome** ASAP! Please Call 304 384 8884. From where she went a few months ago. Just turned 6 years old. (More pics of Zora a bit below.)
Little2. Just turned 4 years old. I needed to rehome. Can still use for breeding.
Some of My Own Past Dogs  & Clients Pups
And sleeping!!
 Beefy, color is off. He is black tan.
Color is bit of in most pics above. Dogs are black and tan. (golden orangy/redish) I can email more exact color pics. 
Available Buddy
**Getting New Pics of  Summer & My girls &  My 2 year old Sable Boy soon as weather bit better.
My Kimber at just 1 year 4 months after blew coat.
My Trixie
Lulu Sold.
If you are on the wait list for the next litter please contact me to up date that you want to remain on the list. 3/1/2020. 
Some of the families that have come back for more than 1 puppy from me!

Laura Thacher. - Breeder Genesis Kennels - Echo and Indy-Anna - Rhode Island​

B. Becky. - Ocean & Pippi VA

Pioneer GSD- Honey/Blackie & Gigi/Ginger PA.
Selah -  Shimmer & Trouper. 

Sharyl - Gunnar, Moxie, Heidi, Jack* & Teddy* IN  

Jeanne- JW & Sara & Baxter & Duke. FL.
Gregs family-. Josey; Sweetie*, Autumn*- KY 
​Sandi - Abby Rose* and Frisco* & Chya. IL
Karen - Daisy & Maggie & Bear CO
​Bob- Shatzi & Schutzhund & Edlewiess PA.
Brenda - Nakita* and Vegas* and Veetoo - MA
Sue- Grace, Ilsa, Ula Il.
Sue - Mesa and River RI 
Eileen - Yukon* and Rylee* - NH 
Sue - Dakota and Caleb Ohio
Diane - Emma and Lilly OH
Sandy - King and Prince.OH.
Loretta - Jack & Abby FL
Caryl - Obie & Stormy IL.  
Diane - Kallie* and Monty* CAN
Anita - Zoomer and Turbo WI
Norrine - Cassie and Lexy Indiana 
Kathy - Elsa* and Glory* PA 
Kris - Spencer and Emmy NC 
Dan & Karen - Sofi* and Bravo* VA 
Kristie - Luna and Samson Virginia 
Melissa - Fancy & Pippi VA
Lynn - Quin - & Kai & Sasha Florida FL
Kim - Ivory and Otis WA
Donna and Bruce - Monty & Mitch NH
Deb - Cloe & Tunder IN
Terri - Tensing & Khumbu MT 
Carolyn - Kodi & Siemper AL
Kathy - Rocky & Adrien FL
Barbara - Stormy* and Thunder* in CT.  
 (not my own S&T, but my pups, Stormy and Thunder) . 
Michelle - Mai Mai & Soki FL 
Donna and Josh - Bear & Zora
Frank & Cindy - Sissy & Emma PA
Darlene - Buddy and Sophie & new girl__ MA
Nancy - Wolfpack & new girl OH
Carolyn - Cody & Siemper AL
Ian - Kizer & wait girl NY
Felix - Leo & girl MN
Michelle - Trooper & wait boy FL 
Taylor family- Isis & Gracie SC.
Barbara Maya & Colena Fl.
​Chris Zeus & Samson WI
Kathy Spirit & Ruby ME
​Chris Deb. Moses & Nephie OH
Nicole Casey  & Emma NY. 

Need add 1 family w/4 FL & 1 family w/3 OH & 3 more families with 2 from OH.
4/08 Not adding to this list any longer as it is getting too long! ;-)

* = 's Same Breedings or litter.

​*AVAILABLE PUPPIES! Boy & Girl 4 months old. Red sables. Courtesy post for my Breeder/friend at Old World German Shepherds for pics and info. (Not from my breeding but from her own)