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 Deposit contract 2020. Pickup time. Nu vet info & WV tax.
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Puppy must be going to home where he/she will live indoors and be part of the family. 

Purchaser intends to buy a Puppy from Ayers Long Coat German Shepherds (ALCGS) and is sending in a deposit to reserve a Puppy from the next litter being born. ALCGS will accept deposit which will be applied to the total cost of the Puppy. The Price of the Puppy is ___________. Plus 6% WV state sales tax needs to be ADDED On to the Purchase Price of the Puppy. 

ALCGS cannot hold a Puppy or Puppy pick spot until deposit is Actually received. As soon as ALCGS receives the deposit Purchaser will be notified that their deposit has arrived and of their Puppy pick selection number. A Postal Money Order (ONLY) from the U.S. Post Office is acceptable for the $600.00 deposit. Final payment when picking up Puppy must be Cash or U.S. Postal Money Order. I do Not accept personal checks or bank/cashiers checks.

** Purchaser agrees to use Nu-Vet (dog immune system booster) for the first Two (2) years of Puppys life for the 2-year Hip and one year Health Guarantee to be in effect. Health Guarantee will be VOID if Not kept on required Nu-Vet during the first two years. **Please order At Least 1 week before you come to pick up your Puppy as Puppy will already be started on the NuVet here. You may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 1 800 474-7044 and using order code number 55767 (code I use for tracking use of Nuvet) or by going online to www.nuvet/55767. Please Initial _____________.

In cases where the desired sex is not available Purchaser will be told this After pups are born. Purchaser will be given the choice of a Puppy of the opposite sex if one is available in the litter. * If the Purchaser refuses an opposite sex Puppy or an opposite sex Puppy is not available- deposit will transfer to the next available litter.

*I put pictures up of the Puppies when they are 6 weeks old, for choosing/picking. I will take a pic or 2 when Pups are a couple of weeks old nursing with momma. I will also put a picture up of a boy and a girl when they're are around 4 weeks old.

Purchaser will come to pick up their Puppy when puppies are 7 to 8 weeks old at which time the balance is due and ownership will transfer to the Purchaser. Be sure that you can pick your Puppy up at either ** 1 p.m, 2 p.m, or 3 p.m. - usually on a Saturday or Sunday. *I Can NOT do morning pick ups. *Please Initial_____________. Occasionally weekday afternoons may work. ALCGS will schedule Puppy pick up appointment times in order of Puppy pick number. Example 2nd pick girl family must arrive before 3rd pick girl family. ALGSD cannot hold a Puppy for vacations, etc, so Purchaser must be available to come when the Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on the pick up date.

**The Purchaser is aware and fully understands that this Deposit is Non-Refundable. Deposit is forfeited if the Purchaser defaults on this contract. Initial ________________.

*ALCGS reserves the right to be first pick on any litter. *ALCGS reserves the right to return the deposit at any time for Any reason. Example...Like if we learn the customer may not be a good fit for the Puppy or Breeder becomes ill or Purchaser not wilIing to abide by Covid-19 stipulations. Please Initial and

This Puppy will be picked up as I do Not ship. 

Reserving male? _____ or female?______

** Due to the Covid-19 things will be different for this litter. For a few years some breeders have people pick their Puppy from pictures. Normally I like to have people choose their puppy in person but due to the Covid-19 Puppies will be chosen in order of pick by the pictures that I send out when they are 6 weeks old and from speaking to me on the telephone about their personalities. Puppies will be Vet checked unless the Vet is unable to come to the house to do the vet check for any reason having to do with the Covid. Of course social distancing will be in effect. Unfortunately I won't be able to hug past customers hello. :-((. It was being stated that distance should be 6 feet and the CDC changed it to 13 feet but some Studies have said that even whispering and talking can spread from 27 to 50 feet. **Purchaser should bring their own Pen and their Health Guarantee Completely FIlled out Before arriving.
* Please also bring: masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. We will probably be meeting people in a public open space. I will probably only bring 1 (one) of the parents with me which won't be able to be pet. Usually I Love!! to visit with people and answer questions but due to the Ccovid-19 this will be a quick puppy pick up and questions can be discussed on the telephone before and after coming.
If my daughter has to do the first pick up for me, because I may need to be home with the second litter of puppies, she may not be able to bring any of the parents with her. Hopefully I will be able to be there. Please Initial________________.

*My dogs are AKC registered or AKC registerable. ** I may not be registering this litter since I do not sell for breeding purposes. Initial________________.

*Have you read on the website the Important Info: Starting Your German Shepherd Out Right from the Beginning, Emails for New Clients, the Truth About
Spay or Neutering by Dr. Karen Becker You Tube. Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr Ronald Schultz are the vaccination experts. Please Initial_______________.

The Purchaser agrees that he/she understands this deposit contract fully and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of West Virginia, in the county of Mercer. For any contract disputes it is agreed the place of venue would be in Mercer County West Virginia.

Please fill out and return this contract to me by mail along with the deposit. BE SURE to SIGN/DATE ALL Places



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